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The INCTR Challenge Fund (1079181) raises fund to support projects coordinated by the International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (INCTR) that improve the treatments delivered to cancer patients in low- and middle- income countries and help reduce their suffering by:

  • Providing new cancer treatment resources, including chemotherapy drugs and anti-bacteria drugs
  • Training local nurses and doctors in cancer prevention, early cancer detection and cancer treatment
  • Raising the local awareness about cancer in order to encourage prevention and early diagnosis
  • Establishing effective palliative care services for terminally ill cancer patients
  • Increase the knowledge of cancer incidence and mortality through effective cancer registration

children being treated for BL

We are currently raising fund for:

Treating Burkitt Lymphoma (BL)

Burkitt Lymphoma is the most common childhood cancer in equatorial Africa. It can be cured at low cost - even when the disease is advanced. The INCTR Challenge Fund, supported by the Christoper Niblett Memorial Fund, raises money to pay for life-saving chemotherapy drugs for children being treated for BL and to provide them with supportive care, including antibiotics and pain relief.  

Surviving Retinoblastoma (RB)

Retinoblastoma - Cancer of the Eye - is a frequent childhood cancer in Africa that can result in loss of eyesight and death. In most developing countries, less than 40% of children with RB survive compared to Europe where nearly 100% survive. The INCTR Challenge Fund supports a programme designed to improve the early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of African children with retinoblastoma.

Palliative Care

The INCTR Challenge Fund helps developing countries build sustainable palliative care programmes that improve the quality of life of cancer patients and reduce the suffering terminally ill patients through effective pain relief.

Cancer Registration

Cancer registries provide governments with an accurate picture of the spread of the cancer epidemic in their country and act as reliable indicators of when cancer control measures are, or are not, working effectively. The INCTR Challenge Fund supports the African Cancer Registry Network (AFCRN) that provides the regional Hub for Cancer Registries in sub Saharan Africa.

Please help us help fight cancers in developing countries. Every single pound will help us change the situation and save lives.

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