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Why me? is often the first question one asked by a victim of crime. 
Why was my house, my car or my family a target of crime?
Why me? is a national charity campaigning for greater access for victims of crime to Restorative Justice throughout England and Wales and delivers Restorative Justice Service. It was founded in 2009 by Will Riley who has himself been the victim of an attempted burglary at his home; he confronted the intruder, a fight ensued, and Will handed the man over to the police. The burglar was Peter Woolf, a known career criminal, who has convicted and sent to prison for the crime. They met again in a Restorative Justice meeting and that event changed both their lives.

Ray and Vi Donovan, whose son Chris was killed by a group of young people and who have met two of the men convicted in an restorative justice conference, found out about restorative justice through Why me? 10 years after the crime. They said that the restorative justice meeting took a weight off their shoulders.

We are a small charity with big ambitions and a clear aim. Please make a donation so that we can carry on helping victims of crime like Ray and Vi and many like them.

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