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Margaret and Geoff Trimby, the founders of the charity, visited Kenya on holiday in 2001 and were shocked by the poverty and lack of work so bringing insurmountable problems to the lovely people. The Trust raises money to build and support a school in Kikambala, Mombasa, Kenya. This is a very poor area of Mombasa where parents struggle to find work and so cannot afford to feed the children let alone send them to state education.

The school is for the poorest children and orphans being brought up in the extended family. It is providing free uniforms, stationery and,hopefully in the near future, a meal a day. The first six classrooms are  finished and the well, toilet/ shower block and septic tanks are built . 

We  opened the first class of the school January 2012 and have opened a newly built classroom each year since then. There were plans for three more classrooms and an admin/ dining block.These are now built and in use by 340 little children.

 We need funds to start the building of the 5 new classrooms so the children can move on to the new classes and complete their primary education which includes pre- primary and primary schools. 

We need on going funds to pay the teachers wages , buy the food and maintain the buildings  and provide free school uniform.

Please help -- -these wonderful families do deserve much better than they have.

contact us on 01744 810833

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