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Environmental Treasure Campaign

Changes At The University of Life

The climate inside The University of life is changing. Thirty years ago the campus you see below outlined in yellow was on the outskirts of the city. However, today its surrounded by a lot of illegal housing.

Despite repeated attempts to prevent invasion on land adjacent to the property, people desperate for shelter have been lured into cheap illegal shacks built by local syndicates.. Its hard for us to comprehend, but people have built tiny homes immediately adjacent to the walls of The University of Life. Despite calling the authorities, there is nothing we have been able to do to stop it.

How do these invasions impact The University of Life?

  • Two story shacks look straight into school
  • Ambiental noise, music, domestic, animals etc..
  • Higher risk of diseases like Dengue Fever
  • Drainage system for run off water blocked up
  • Drug trafficking and gang activities closer to property

UNiViDA needs to take immediate steps to help protect The University of Life property, keep it safe and maintain an attractive learning environment for the 260 children who use it everyday. We want to plant more trees, protect the privacy of our students, invest in solar panels and air-condition classrooms.

What Is Needed ?

Classroom Protection - The most important environment in the project. With solar panels to offset energy costs, we’ll be able to enclose and cool down classrooms so that teachers and students can focus on learning outcomes and not outside distractions.

Wall Repairs & Reinforcements - Perimeter walls need to be strengthened and in some places raised, to maintain security.

Trees & Landscaping - With less ventilation, more shaded areas are needed where children can safely play and study. Planting trees between the classrooms and the walls will also help with privacy.

New Drainage Channels - Runoff from the intense tropical rains, used to flow into the greenspace at the back of the project. Now we need to install new drainage systems including pumps, to stop classrooms from flooding and eliminate standing water which poses a health risk.

In 2020 we are raising £50,000 to keep The University of Life safe , create an effective learning environment and see more lives transformed.

The University of Life  -  An Environmental Treasure

As you can see from the Google map images this is an investment in the precious little green open space that children living in the favela can enjoy. The University of Life is an environmental treasure in the favela.

As we continue to preserve and improve our facility, children will continue to receive the quality care and education that they deserve.. They will be able to enjoy our playground, football pitches and relaxing open spaces without fear of violence, sunburn or diseases like dengue fever.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can send you more information and details  ruth.marques@univida.org

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