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Thank you for considering supporting the Olney-Newton Link.  We are at the Olney end of the Link, a small town in North Buckinghamshire, at the other end are our friends in Newton, a small community in Sierra Leone.   Our Link is like a many-layered twinning.  We aim to advance education (we have provided toilets and books for schools) and helped to relieve poverty (weve funded the rebuilding of war-damaged homes and recently a Skills Centre where vital skills can be passed on, to help the community help themselves out of poverty).   We have made a start, but, with the help of more donations, we want to do more.   Communication has had to be mainly by mobile phone which is costly and unreliable.   We want to bring the internet to Newton and to provide generators to  power computers, drawing the people closer to us and to the global community with all the that will bring.

Currently we are raising funds to complete the Pre-school, assist with the building of premises for a tailoring school, and providing additional seating (to be made locally in SL) for the "Skills Centre" which is now twinned with the University in Frretown.

Funds will be channelled through our unpaid committee in Newton to maximise the benefit.

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