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Kerung, Nepal Appeal

The village of Kerung, in the foothills of the Himalayas, was devastated by the second of the earthquakes to strike Nepal in 2015. The school which TWOAT had earlier helped to build and staff needed major repairs before it could be used again. TWOAT contributed funds to provide emergency food and shelter whilst houses and other buildings in Kerung were repaired or rebuilt. TWOAT's marvellous supporters succeeded in raising a grand total of £15,000 which covered the emergency aid (tents etc) and all the materials (sand, cement, timber etc) needed to rebuild whilst the villagers supplied the labour.

The villagers of Kerung were very grateful for the prompt and targetted support that TWOAT had been able to provide but now they have another challenge. The earthquake emergency has stretched the funds available to the Nepalese Government way past breaking point.  They had previously promised the villagers that they would fund an additional year group so that still relatively young children could delay for a year having to undertake an arduous 3 hour trek through mountainous terrain each day to attend secondary school.  Unfortunately the Government had to withdraw this offer so TWOAT has stepped in to fund the teacher who had already been recruited. This is now costing the charity an additional unplanned £1500 per year without any immediate prospect of the Government taking this over again.. 

Will you help us to continue help them to continue to educate their "older" young children by making a donation today? If so, please use the "Make a donation" button on the right of this page.

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