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The Gambia Upcountry Development Charity

Founded in 2007

Worldwide, millions of people spend each day without running water or electricity; living under the poverty line with income of less than $1 per day. Children have no access to a formal education, basic healthcare or sufficient food. Despite working hard, their families struggle to meet these daily needs and are unable to develop economically.

We work in upcountry Gambia, where people are subsistence farmers, are hugely poor and have very little external support.

GUD Mission Statement

Supporting and enabling villagers in upcountry Gambia to develop viable local economy and sustainable education

The Kanubeh story and beyond

2007 GUD was formed and started working in Kanubeh, a village of over 2,500 people who wanted help with education and their economy.

2009 Kanubeh villagers had built their own nursery school, funded by GUD. School Management Committee formed to run and manage the school.

2010 School is open for business in January.

2012 Kanubeh school is twinned with Birchwood Grove Primary School in Burgess Hill Sussex and two teachers from the school spend some time in Kanubeh.

2013 Over 110 4-6 year old children are receiving good quality education. GUD is now funding the employment of 3 teachers a caretaker and other school costs.

2014 GUD fund the creation of a cashew tree farm in the village with the aim of enabling Kanubeh villagers to self fund the school and develop their economy by 2016. Nearly 5,000 trees are being planted.

2015 and into the future GUD are building a partnership with the University of Gambia to place Development studies students in Kanubeh and other up country villages to continue and expand our work.

All of the money GUD receives is through fundraising and donations and goes directly to those it was intended to support and everybody involved with the charity is a volunteer.

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