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Anglican Communion Office,St Andrew's House
16 Tavistock Crescent,London
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PNGCP is a registered charity which supports development work in Papua New Guinea through the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea (ACPNG). In PNG 96% of the population is a member of a Christian Church, and churches run or administer approximately 50% of the health institutions and educational facilities in the country. The work which PNGCP supports can be broadly separated into five different categories, although we will always consider additional requests which falls outside of these catagories where a need has been identified: 1. Health (including HIV/AIDS) 2. Education and Training 3. Theological and Ecumenical support 4. Gender Empowerment 5. Sustainable development Supporting development work through ACPNG ensures that funding, materials, and services are provided at grassroots level directly to local communities. In a country where over 30% of the population live on less than US$1.25 per day, and the average household income is only £900 per year, the institutions operated by ACPNG will often be the only access which communities have to basic health and education services, particularly in remote or rural areas. PNGCP (formerly the New Guinea Mission) has been providing friendship and support to the people of Papua New Guinea since 1891. Today that friendship and support is strengthened and enhanced by a relationship committed to partnership working and reciprocity.

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