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The Aplastic Anaemia Trust was created in 1985 by relatives and friends of victims of aplastic anaemia and allied rare bone marrow failures. Charities for research into and treatment of leukaemia were well known but there was no charity especially devoted to those rare diseases; so like leukaemia in their outcome, but not included within the cancer group.  With initial money raised, the AAT established and supported focused research groups and provided specialist clinical facilities to improve treatment of aplastic anaemia. 

Thanks in large part to the work of the charity, aplastic anaemia is no longer an orphan disease but is well recognised by the haematology community, and management guidelines have improved care throughout the UK.

The establishment of the Aplastic Anaemia Patient Support Group to help families devastated by the disease and improve range of information about it, has been a very important development in holistic care.  This is something which the AAT is delighted also to support.

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