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The Scottish Burned Childrens Club provides support to burn survivor children up to the age of 18 years old and their families; dealing with lifelong scars of burn and scald injuries.

Unlike any other injury, burns and scalds leave a life long scar, which no matter how small or big act as a reminder to the family as well as the child of the trauma they have been through. The child must also grow up knowing their body image is different, knocking their confidence at a time when normal processes of growing up are stressful enough. 

When a child is injured the whole family can be affected by:

- Physical and psychological trauma

- A different body image

- A lack of confidence.

With continued support, positive encouragement and the courage and determination that has helped them so far we hope to see each child realise their dreams and goals.  As well as providing positive support for families of burned children.

The Scottish Burned Children’s Club is solely funded by fund raising events, sponsorship and donations and is run and organised by volunteers. 

The SBCC strives to help each child realise their goals and dreams. We are also dedicated to reducing the number of burn and scald injuries by raising awareness of the problems and promoting safe practice.

It is important for burns survivors to feel that they are not alone in facing day-to-day difficulties. We organise Day trips & special events. The highlight is an annual week long summer rehabilitation camp for the children aged 8-18 years old.  The camp enables the children to share experiences, make new friends and build their self confidence and self esteem, but above all have fun.

All of this takes commitment and money in order for the work of the charity to continue.  


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