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Burn injuries globally are a major public health issue, often neglected despite being responsible for as many deaths in some countries as HIV, Malaria or Tuberculosis. As many deaths that may be caused by burns there are many more disabled and disfigured by burn injuries. Most burn injuries are preventable. Burn injuries happen to the poorest and most vulnerable of society, 95% of burn injuries happen in low income countries. 3 times as many women are burnt than contract HIV and AIDS in South East Asia and women there are 17 times more likely to be burnt than those in high-income countries. Once injured many are unable to access adequate treatment, many countries do not have adequate burn care for the general population. This means that small burns can cause unnecessary lifelong disabilities and larger burns cause preventable deaths. Both these scenarios lead to considerable unnecessary suffering for the one injured, their family and their community. There is a lot we can do with your help. Interburns was started in 2007, founded by a British Plastic Surgeon, an Indian General Surgeon and a Pakistani Plastic Surgeon, all with extensive experience in treating burn patients and a real motivation to drastically reduce the death, disability and disfigurement of burn injuries globally. Interburns aims to achieve this through providing evidence based education and training in comprehensive burn care that is relevant to low resource settings (where most burns are occurring) and facilitating the implementation of this knowledge into clinical practice and building and motivating burn care teams to action. Interburns has trained over 1500 health care professionals in low income countries. Please join us in reducing the global suffering caused by burn injuries. Burn injuries happen in a moment but often change a life for a lifetime. Help us to act now to prevent unnecessary death and disability from burn injuries where it is most needed.

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