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Yarl's Wood is an Immigration Removal Centre in North Bedfordshire, which detains women and families. The Befrienders, as an independent charity based in Bedford, provides much-needed support to anyone held in Yarls Wood who requests it. Through the simple act of visiting and listening, we try to restore self-esteem and reaffirm a basic sense of human dignity.

Being held at Yarl’s Wood can be a traumatic experience, especially as detainees do not know how long they are likely to stay there, or whether they will be eventually released or returned to their country of origin. As well as offering emotional support, we also try to give practical help where we can providing the women we visit with phone credit, toiletries and other essential items which they may need.

Many of those leaving Yarl’s Wood will be returning to places where they face immediate danger, or countries they left long ago. They often return to great uncertainty, sometimes with little more than the clothes on their backs. We have a small destitution fund to support people leaving Yarl’s Wood and the money raised through your donations will be used to help replenish this vital source of help.

If you know of anyone in Yarl's Wood who is in need of befriending support, please do contact us. 

Thank you very much for your generosity.

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