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LAFF helps disadvantaged people in Latin America to break out of their cycle of poverty and become independent from external support through providing access to skills in areas of vocational training and income generation. LAFF provides funding and assistance to grass-roots projects, in particular children’s homes, which aspire to become self-sustaining.

We aim to create independence from outside help, not dependence on it. After all, those with the power to really address social and economic inequalities in Latin America are the future citizens of the continent themselves, not those outside their reality.

Giving abandoned, vulnerable children and young people the tools and opportunities to change their own future means giving them a better chance in life. Equally, developing partnerships with innovative community-led organisations wanting to be self sustaining and independent means we are not creating a long-term dependence on external financial support.

LAFF support a variety of projects which help the young and vulnerable - addressing the long and short term causes that drive children to live and work on the streets.

LAFF enables its partners to fulfil their dreams of going beyond just providing the basics to the children in their care by:

1. Providing access to education and training for poor and vulnerable children and young adults

2. Providing grants and support to help employment and income-generating projects achieve sustainability and independence

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