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UKHF in 2014

Uganda 2014

We returned on Feb 18th from our 7th annual visit to Healing Children School. I know you have often read our boast that the school is "the best in the district", well, this year's P7 had a 100% pass rate in the Primary Leaving Exam! The district, Luuka, however, had a 32% failure rate in government schools. Thus Mme Nantale, the DoE, claimed, "your efforts are our achievement".

The school choir is also one of the best around and is asked to entertain at official events.

Since last February all the classrooms have concrete floors, so jiggers has been eliminated. Thanks to you and our patron, Dame Helen Mirren, all the pupils now have desks! The head teachers say the children's writing has improved dramatically. Furthermore, the school now has thousands of pens and pencils thanks to a generous donor in France!

Perhaps one of the achievements we’re most proud of this year, is that we were able to improve the teacher's wages. The more we see them the more impressed we are by their skill, care and dedication.

There is a new, separate staff latrine. The Safe House is in a much pleasanter building adjacent to the school and the rent is less! (Plans are afoot to build our own house and stop renting).

Thanks to a generous donation by one of our trustees, a solar lighting system was installed in the school! This will light the Safe House, the two classrooms used after dark and the schoolyard, plus giving charging facilities for mobile phones.

The kitchen has a cooking pot they have needed for three years and the food store is plentiful and the land productive. Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to purchase the adjacent sugar cane field, which will provide further productive agricultural land.

Of course, with 250 youngsters, there will always be plenty of ongoing expenses. Malaria, for instance, takes a heavy toll of the medical funds and there are no mosquito nets in the Safe House. Getting this accepted as a priority in the school and at Busiiro Secondary is a problem.

There is still a shortfall for key stage reading books (particularly ones that might reflect modern life in post colonial Africa rather than 1950’s Britain!)

Although we are now licensed, we are facing the final demands for Registration, which require an additional four teachers, (we currently have 14), and at least 1 brick building. 

Busiiro Secondary School and our Scholarship Fund

Once again we visited Busiiro secondary school. Since 2012 our UKHF Scholarship Fund has been able to offer five of the brightest and more vulnerable students to carry on their secondary education. This is only possible with the help of dedicated donors.

This year we will be sending our 20th child to Busiiro Secondary School!

And now our friends in the French Association, “Les Amicales”, are going to take two of those children on to “A” level and university. What a difference this will make to the community!

Vocational Training Centre

For those students who are unable to continue their secondary education, we are helping Healing Focus build a Vocational Training Centre where they will be taught skills like woodwork, metalwork and sewing, which will safeguard their future.

In November, Miki Jablkowska ran the Warsaw 10k race and raised a fantastic £756.00 to go directly to the building of the Centre. Thank you Miki!

Thank you all for continuing to support us and the children of Healing Focus. It is due to you that we have got this far!


Thank you in Lusoga

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