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UKHF in 2015


The Future is looking bright!

Just returned from this year’s trip to Uganda and Healing Children School delighted, proud and overjoyed at how the children are thriving and so impressed at the brilliant job the teachers are doing.

The grain store is bursting with maize. The library has been built and is by now stacked with every book on the school’s wish list, donated by our friends from Much Ado Books. Guttering is complete to take full advantage of the rainy season. Glitches in the solar system have been repaired.

We had a great morning with the local architect inspecting the site for the new building on adjoining land (donated by our patron, Helen Mirren) and needless to say we were all thrilled to be present at this year’s Gala and graduation day.

We took enough funds with us to shop for a few outstanding items like extra bunkbeds for the Girls' Safe House; there is now another cooking pot for the kitchen, a wheelbarrow and a new bicycle to transport jerry cans of drinking water from the village bore hole. (The water in our rain tank is not always potable but is used for washing/cleaning).


It has taken just 7 years to progress from 60 children, some in a vocational school with no sewing machines, some attending a school with no teachers and others sleeping on Tom’s father’s floor, to a fully functioning primary and junior school with 14 teachers and 250 children, plus a safe house for 32 at risk girls, all without exception well looked after, fed and cared for.

All this has been achieved by small group of friends, YOU -THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Healing Children School still No. 1 in Luuka District

One of our pupils, Edgar, received an award as Best Student in the District, encouraging the Minister of Education to telephone Tom with congratulations and Francis Kafeera, one of our deputy Heads, was honoured as Best Teacher in the District.

Ali, one of our original 6 pupils to go to Busiiro Secondary in 2012, also gained an award as Best Student, presented, along with Edgar’s award, on Gala Day by Mme Nantale, the DEO.

We are sponsoring 15 students to attend secondary school and, thanks to fundraising by our partners "Les Amicales de Luuka", our first  6 students from 2012 are continuing their studies; Ali is staying at school to take A levels, the others leaving to attend college and get a professional qualification.

THIS YEAR’S CHALLENGE: Building a Vocational centre and Safe House

There is a final stage in full Registration of the school.

This year we have to build a permanent structure, i.e. brick not wood, in order to get full registration for the school.

It is intended to make the new building a combined Safe House and Vocational Centre - a new Safe House so that we do not have to continue paying rent and can improve the living conditions of the girls, so that each has her own bed equipped with a mosquito net and a Vocational Centre to provide practical training and a marketable skill for the children we are not able to sponsor.

During this trip we started the process, meeting with the builder in Kampala and again at school and we should finalise the plans by the end of April.

At the moment the total costs are about £20,000 so we plan to start fundraising in earnest !

There are several ideas for concerts and musical events and we are looking at how we can present another Auction of Promises but if you have any ideas or proposals we are always open to suggestions!

With the current rate of exchange the UK Pound goes along way in Uganda, for example: to build the foundations for the 800m2 vocational centre is only £3,200.

 Every little bit helps, every little bit goes directly to the children.

Thank you again for all your help.

Please visit our website and facebook page for links to the 2015 films and photos, rush forward with your ideas for fundraising and 


Thank you in Lusoga

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