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Our Medical Alert Assistance Dogs are trained to help people with complex health conditions, giving them greater independence and saving their lives on a daily basis.

With their amazing sense of smell our dogs are trained to detect minute changes in diabetics blood sugar levels, which if left untreated can be life-threatening. When these levels fall or rise outside the normal range, the dogs will warn their owner, get help and fetch vital medical supplies.

We also train dogs to support people with other health conditions including: Addisons disease, debilitating pain seizures, severe allergies, narcolepsy, sudden drops in blood pressure and low oxygen levels.

Our Cancer Detection Dogs are being trained to identify the odour of cancer, including prostate and breast cancer. We are also working with leading academics to develop an ‘electronic nose’ which will diagnose very early stage cancer in a simple and non-invasive way.

Choosing to support Medical Detection Dogs will help our pioneering charity to create more life-saving partnerships between dogs and people. This builds lasting friendship, confidence, freedom and independence in children and adults with serious health conditions. Please help us to train more dogs!

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