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Under the Feet of Giants

It has been said “there are very few people in Keynsham who have not been in the Scout HQ, it is more like a village hall”.  What we do know is that our young people develop into “Giants” - we are so proud when we look around the world at what our members have achieved with their lives and for many it was due to pounding the boards of the HQ. 

The existing floor of 21 years needs to be renewed for the benefit of generations to come having been beaten into submission by the thousands of feet that have pounded it over the years.  It has becoming very thin, splinters easily, and is rapidly approaching its end of life - only weekly maintenance by volunteers is keeping it in use.  Our aim is to replace with a hard wood oak floor that will last past the lifetime of our youngest member, the cost is estimated to be between £22,000 and £25,000 with the final cost being dictated by the date we can start the replacement. 

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