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Japan is gripped by its worst disaster since World War 2.Earthquakes, tsunami and now nuclear radioactivity fears.

My Japanese wife Rieko and I lived in Japan for many years and have family and friends there.

On Friday 11th March 2011, we watched in horror when the earthquake and tsunami hit Eastern Japan.

We instantly knew we had to do something. One of the port towns called Kamaishi was literally washed away in front of our eyes. Kamaishi was the town on TV that really struck a chord string with us. Suddenly, this was real and it suddenly this was personal.

When we saw buildings we had stayed in, shops we had visited, and roads we had walked down, vanish in front of our eyes, under the relentless surge of that all consuming Tsunami, we knew we had to act. Not only people suffering in Kamaishi, but those affected all over Japan, and if we had the resources, all people suffering in the world. However, we are just two people, with limited resources and limited time.

Rather than watch in vain and prey, we put a stake in the ground and said, Now is the time to act. The earthquake and Tsnuami we saw hit Kamaishi was the catalyst, for our call to action.

Why Tri ?

Triathlon is all we know, I have been involved in triathlon for 25 years, it is not only our livelihood and our hobby, and a way of life. Although we say tri4japan, we want to include all sports, swim, bike run, endurance and sprint, individual and team.

The true essence of our mission is that all people from all sports around the world come together and TRY FOR JAPAN.

We have started Tri4Japan to raise money to help the people of Kamaishi who in many cases have literally lost everything in this devastating disaster.

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