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The children at Gillespie Primary School in North London have their very own Lab_13.  It's a space where they can experiment, invent, research and investigate. The children manage it themselves, overseen by resident scientist Carole Kenrick.

In 2015, Gillespie Lab_13 children raised a spectacular £3,000 in their annual sponsored Jamboree. Lab_13 needs to raise its own funds as school budgets are tight. Can you help us to fund Lab_13 and ensure its survival?

It's been going for just a couple of years, but already it has an enthusiastic following of young scientists in the school, it has captured the attention of other local primary schools and it's drawn praise from members of the science education community. 
Brian Cartwright, Ofsted's lead science inspector, has seen Gillespie Lab_13 and described "the high level of technical and academic science experimental work, and the positive impact this is having on pupils’ communication and numeracy skills”.
I cannot believe the difference Lab_13 has made to my daughters’ enthusiasm and excitement for science. They are curious, engaged and inspired.”     

“Lab_13 makes me feel like I am a scientist. So I can do anything.”

 Gillespie child

And here, in a lovely film, is more comment from the children:

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