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Hull,East Riding of Yorkshire

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CatZero is a registered charity designed to develop and deliver specialist programmes to meet the needs of children, young people, their families and the local community.  

CatZero is changing people’s lives.  We are a charity dedicated to supporting people across the Humber region on their journey into employment, education and training.  We specifically work with groups of disengaged individuals to bring about the changes in attitude that will improve their lives.

We believe that in order to support people in achieving their goals of moving into employment, education or training we have to intervene at an early stage.  Our efforts are firmly focused on enabling every participant to address the key factors that are known to contribute to successful job outcomes.

CatZero programmes address the main factors that lead to successful job outcomes.  Through a combination of youth development, youth training and outdoor education we have created a truly unique learning experience.  Our programmes last 12 weeks but we aim to maintain life-long contact with every participant – our philosophy is very much, once CatZero, always CatZero.

We stand apart from other organisations because our programmes are underpinned by a series of person-centred interventions that break down barriers and build trust and respect with participants.   We will work with every person to identify and address the underlying issues in their life that are blocking access to education, employment or training. 

Throughout the programme we challenge participants to challenge themselves; culminating in the opportunity to crew our 72ft yacht in open seas.  The sailing experience not only fosters teamwork, communication and resilience it also assists in breaking negative behavioural and attitudinal cycles and result in a truly life-changing experience. 

CatZero has delivered lasting personal change for 10 years now and so far we have helped over 1800 young people across the Humber region, of which, two thirds have moved on into jobs or training – all at a cost of £3,000 per participant.

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