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Nyakabungo Primary School

All the schools we support are in deprived areas but Nyakabungo Primary is in one of the most remote and poor areas in Uganda. Children are desparate to get an education and many walk long distances in bare feet without breakfast to get to school.

We have been working hard to transform Nyakabungo into a good school over several years. Recent improvements include:

  • Teachers are now paid regularly
  • This has enabled us to recruit a good head teacher
  • The classrooms now have windows (previously the rain would drive in, soaking the children and their work)
  • The new sports pitch makes a real difference to the children
  • We have replaced toilets washed away in heavy rain
  • A new school hall is under construction, so we will be able to hold assemblies, serve lunch under cover, run the nursery properly and hold exams in the school

We urgently need sponsors and donors so we can continue to support the school.

Only 60 of the 412 children have sponsors: click here to change a child's life for £15 per month.

Please donate on this page to help pay the running costs while we build up sponsorship income.

Thank you for your help,

The children of Nyakabungo

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