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Kirima Primary School

Kirima Primary is a happy, successful school which provides a high-quality education to children in this deprived area of rural Uganda.

The headmaster Steven and his team manage just the right balance between caring for the children, giving them a stimulating & fun time and teaching what they need for excellent exam results.

Many children who cannot get a place in Kirima attend a Government school. They can be depressing places to visit because they lack both sufficient funding and good staff. Salaries are low so teachers often take a second job, meaning children can sit for hours in a classroom with no teacher – this experience just teaches patience and passivity.

Other children do not attend school at all. Government schools are theoretically free but, in practice, families must make a financial contribution. If the benefit of the school is not good enough, families keep children to work at home. Driving round, you see primary aged children looking after goats, carrying loads or helping in roadside brick-making factories.

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