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Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland (formerly Scottish SPina Bifida Association) seeks to increase public awareness and understanding of individuals with Spina Bifida and/or Hydrocephalus and related conditions. It aims to support all those affected to identify their needs and to empower them to make informed choices and decisions. Most of those born with spina bifida are paralysed from the waist down and will have life-long complex kidney and bladder problems. In addition 80% of those born with spina bifida also have the condition hydrocephalus. This condition causes numerous neurological disorders including some problems with speech, sound, impaired concentration and organisational skills. Both conditions cause life-long complex disabilities.

Without our family support services and lo-call helpline many people would not have access to the support they require. As well as the support services and support groups provided at homes, hospitals and centres across Scotland, the SBH Scotland Family Support Centre, in the Central Belt, continues to offer a revolutionary telemedicine facility, health checks with nurses and specialists, information & training days, a new youth club, adult social group, parent toddler group and an inclusive children’s play area with specialised equipment. We also employ support staff specifically for the North of Scotland which enables us to provide more services and attend to any emergency situations quickly, no matter where our service users are located in Scotland.

Our aim is always to make sure that those affected live as independently, and with the highest quality of life possible.

We need to raise £1million annually and your support can help us make a real difference.

Thank you.

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