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The Heart of the Charity...

We are a very small team with a GROWING global community of loving people helping any way they can.

LoveCambodia wants to give the orphaned children of Cambodia a real chance in life. Providing them somewhere safe to grow up, ensuring they have something to eat, somewhere to sleep, someone to teach them and someone to care for them.

How It All Started...

Last year I went traveling and found myself in Cambodia with a few friends. Off the beaten track, down a dirt road we stumbled across an open-air wooden classroom. As we wondered in towards the class room, children started racing to find a seat. By the time we had taken the seven or eight steps it took to the classroom, we were greeted by rows of silent, smiling and clearly eager children. One little ‘hello’ from us was met by an enthusiastic united chorus of ‘heeeelllooooo’ from them. At this point we began to teach. The next day we returned from the nearest big town with school equipment and games. We had another wonderful day of teaching and playing. Due to travel commitments we had to leave the next day. It was truly heart breaking; I promised I would come back to them.

January 2011, having earned my way through work in England I set out to find the children again. As the founder of Love Cambodia I used my time at home to begin raising awareness and money for the childern. I will continue to do so whilst in Cambodia, but will be focused on being PRIMARILY involved with the orphans first hand. As a teacher in England, I love working with youth from every background. After coming across the orphanage in Cambodia last year a promise was made to begin making a difference for them...

There are so many forgotten corners in this world, many we will never know about, but the ones we find we must bring hope to and make a difference for.

If you are a reading this please know that you have found the opportunity to directly improve the life chances of these children.


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