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Allsorts is a friendly and welcoming charity that supports children with any disability or additional need and their families. We offer a wide range of services for the whole family, with an emphasis on having fun and supporting each other. We realise that individuals have differing needs, and we try to adapt and respond to what members say they want. Most of our Coordinators and Trustees have children of our own with disabilities and additional needs. Together we build an inclusive and positive community that brings out the best in us and in our children.

Allsorts activities are based in Stroud District, but invite members from the whole of Gloucestershire. We welcome families with children 0 – 24 years with any disability or additional need, with or without diagnosis. 

Allsorts is run by members for members. We always listen to what our families tell us they want and try to give them the services they say they need. We have a positive attitude towards parenting children with disabilities, as we know both how challenging and rewarding it can be.

We try to offer a range of activities for the whole family, including parents, carers and siblings, as well as disabled children of different ages and abilities. Families tell us that one of the most useful things for them is to belong to a friendly and proactive network of people who know what it's like to have a child with additional needs.

Services we offer include:

  • Specialist Toy & Equipment Library
  • Parent & Carer activities
  • Youth Clubs for disabled children aged 6 – 18
  • Family activities and trips
  • Siblings group
  • Inclusive sports activities
  • Musical Intensive Interaction workshops

Where possible, Allsorts likes to work in partnership with other organisations in the area. This means we can share resources, information and ideas so as to give the best support possible for families.

Allsorts was set up in 2009 by merging the existing toy library and a parent/carer group under a new name. Since then, we have grown quickly, in terms of membership, staff and activities. All our services take place within Stroud District, but families can join from across Gloucestershire. Our ever increasing membership shows that there is a real need for tailored support for families who have children with disabilities or additional needs

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