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Temwa is a UK-based organisation that raises funds to implement community-based projects in Malawi. Temwa operates in an area called Nkhata Bay North, on the shores of Lake Malawi.

This remote region of 39,000 people has no electricity, no running water and is severely affected by the HIV & AIDS epidemic. There are no other NGOs (non-governmental organisations) working in the region and the local government strongly encouraged Temwa to work in this area due to its desperate need for basic development.

Temwa’s initial projects were in Usisya, which is made up of 56 villages. The first project undertaken was to build a community centre in Usisya, which is where Temwa's headquarters are. Temwa has recently expanded to cover the whole of Nkhata Bay North, which incorporates 89 villages.

Overseen by a project manager in Malawi, Temwa consists of a series of programmes that are aimed at providing sustainable community-driven development in four key areas: Health Education Skills Development Agriculture and Irrigation Schools Support Temwa works to provide hope for the future among the people of Malawi by: -providing an infrastructure to support Malawian families facing financial and humanitarian hardship, irrespective of religious orientation. -creating partnerships and programs to equip the local population with the skills and resources to ensure ongoing health, education and financial stability for families and the wider community.

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