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The Ethiopia Link, founded in 2001, ran an orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for 20 years.  It was never called an orphanage, however, as we wanted all our children to see it as their home, a place where they could grow up in a supportive community and be treated like other young people.

All the children who passed through our house over these 20 years have now either grown up and we are pleased to say are now self-sufficient adults following their own paths through life, or are now being cared for by loving families.  In line with our plans we will therefore from March 2021 be closing the Charity and ask that no further contributions are sent to us.  Any money unspent after closing the house will be distributed to benefit the youngest children and those in our outreach programme.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed over the years - your efforts and money have really made a difference to these young peoples' lives.

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