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The Ethiopia Link, founded in 2001, runs an orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Supporting orphaned and abandoned children. We have full responsibility for the children in our care, which includes food, accommodation, education, clothing and medical costs where necessary.

We set up the Orphanage in a small rented property on the outskirts of Addis Ababa to help Orphaned and Abandoned children.

The word ‘Orphanage’ is usually never used as we wish the children to be brought up in a ‘family home environment’ without being labelled. It is their home and not an institution.

OUR CHILDREN: Can you imagine what life must have been like for the eldest girl aged 10 of 4 siblings, her father had died then tragically their mother had died a year later! With wisdom and maturity far beyond her years she did her best to hold her totally traumatised younger siblings together. Hard un-loved hungry months followed.

After 10 years in our care this young girl has just completed her second year at medical college where she is training to be a nurse, which is fully funded by the charity, another girl wishes to study to become a doctor after completion of her schooling this year.

EDUCATION: All our children attend full-time school or college education; generally they are in the top 5%. Happy in the knowledge they have been given an opportunity not available to others.

DONORS & SUPPORT: The Orphanage exists by the personal and kind generosity of our benefactors, donors and sponsors who financially support the charity. If you also wish to support us in our work; a Bankers Order and Gift Aid Declaration may be found on this site, you can also donate via our website:

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