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Burundi, The BaTwa project

In the Mutaho commune of Burundi Creative Solutions works with about 400 families belonging to the BaTwa ethnic group.

The Twa are the original forest people of Burundi (fomerly called 'pygmies') who make up 1% of the population. They have benefitted least from the development associated with education, medical care and modern agricultural methods. They have consequently become marginalized and are impoverished. Traditionally they are potters but, with the advent of cheap plastic imports this business is no longer profitable so they need to find otehr means for providing income. There is very little work availlable locally for people with no qualifications.

Working with local pastors and in consultation with the BaTwa families themselves, the project buys uniforms and school supplies for over 600 BaTwa children to Primary School and provides fees for 50+ Secondary School students. Therefore, most of the BaTwa children in Mutaho are now in school although there is a high drop out rate.

Creative Solutions is supporting two Twa young people, Marc and Jean Baptiste at university in Bujumbura where they are some of the very few BaTwa studying. They are training to be medical technicians.

We have purchased a sizeable tract of agricultural land in the area. The profits are used towards the Secondary School fees. Portions of the land have been distributed to associations of BaTwa (as they are landless) which they can farm as they wish with either food or cash crops to provide them with some income to support their families. There is also agricultural advice available locally to help them develop their skills.

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