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Burundi, FECABu Pastoral training

Creative Solutions helps FECABu function efficiently by paying the salary of an administrator for the headquarters. Also the 5 teachers in its Regional Bible Training Centres each receive $300 three times a year so that pastors can receive regular training.

As of 2020, Creative Solutions is also paying $200 a month for the administration and development of Bible Teaching courses in evenings and weekends. All contributions are welcome.

Important Note

Your donation will be sent to Creative Solutions and we will distribute it. In order to ensure that you donations are sent to The FECABu project in Burundi please add a message to your contribution to indicate your wishes in this regard. Whilst the trustees will always do their best to follow your wishes, ultimately the allocation of funds will be at their discretion. Your donation will be used in the most appropriate way as determined by the Board of Trustees.

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