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Burundi, The Turi Wacu project

Following the civil war in Burundi from 1993 – 2006, many widows and children sought refuge in the capital, Bujumbura. The widows sent their children to beg in the streets and often resorted to prostitution. Turi Wacu,which means ‘We are together’, is a project initiated by local people to provide these families with an alternative to their previous lifestyle.

Under the direction of a Social Worker and a Family/HIV-Aids worker, it provides business start up grants for the women as well as emergency health care.  It aims to enable these widows to become self supporting and already nearly 10 families have attained this. The project is built on the value of the women supporting each other within an association and of women from the local community and abroad coming alongside them to encourage, teach and inspire them to live new lives.

More funds will help the project include more women and children within the Turiwacu association and bring more long term support.

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