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Thank you for visiting our page. In partnership with The Mentor Initiative and a network of infection control specialists we have launched an initiative to teach communities how to deal with Ebola safely and reduce the spread of infection.

Masanga Mentor Ebola Community Training Initiative

Getting ahead of Ebola

To stop the spread of Ebola we need to teach communities throughout West Africa to handle the virus safely. We need to spread the training virally at a faster speed than the spread of the virus.

Our challenge

To facilitate Ebola safety training for 450,000 Community Health Volunteers in 15 countries across West Africa in the next 3 months.

What communities need to know

They need to know how to care for a sick member of their family, how to clean up and disinfect, and most importantly how to protect themselves, their families and their communities. They need to know what they need and how to request it.

Innovative training modules to meet the challenge

The training needs to be visually rich and intuitive, with no written explanation.

It needs to be accessible in a format that can reach all parts of the region, no matter how remote.

It needs to be customisable so that it can be introduced in any of the local languages or dialects.

The training material content needs to be updatable, we need to know who has used it, whether they have understood it and when they are completely familiar with the procedures. We need to know where they are most likely to make mistakes and how to strengthen those learning points. Live voice can be added to enable a trusted expert to talk trainees through any issues remotely – in their own language.

It’s been done before

Computer games are entirely intuitive and laptops are available across the region. With more laptops and tablets we can make the training accessible to all at risk communities.

Doing it now

This week we will be trialling the first fully intuitive learning module on how to use personal protective equipment with a user group of West African Diaspora in London.

Next week we will be trialling in situ, at Masanga and through The Mentor Initiative in Monrovia in Liberia.

This module will be followed up with one on decontamination and with support we can quickly build modules on supportive care, advice on taking a sick person to an Ebola Treatment Centre and safe burial.

Training will be distributed throughout Sierra Leone and Liberia through a network of community health units, setting an example of locally led capacity building to all other at risk countries in West Africa.

We will build support from international and local agencies to adopt the Training Initiative throughout the region.

Funds needed

We need funds to pay for the training modules, laptops and tablets, training programmes, logistics, people and power. 

Update on Masanga

So far in eight years we have rehabilitated much of the infrastructure of the Masanga hospital. Most recently we have refurbished the paediatric ward and are currently repairing the water system through installing solar powered water pumps, critical for sustaining proper hygiene standards. We have treated over 120,000 patients. Unfortunately clinical activities have been temporarily suspended because we could not guarantee the safety of both patients and doctors during the ebola outbreak. We will recommence activities as soon as possible.

The Tonkolili College of Health Sciences is in its second year and is teaching over 100 nurses a three year SRN course. The College is temporarily closed because of the state of emergency and banning of large gatherings. The faculty is idealy placed to lead the Ebola training initiative.

The Surgical training programme is a national programme based at Masanga which is addressing the severe shortage of surgeons by training Community Health Officers in basic surgical techniques such as hernias and caesareans. The programme has 9 partner hospitals and the students will roll out the Ebola training initiative throughout the country.

Your support is desperately needed to sustain our contribution and to fund our new Ebola initiative. Please give generously.

Update on Masanga

Masanga was a highly respected leprosy hospital established in 1967 in the jungle of Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries in the world. It was destroyed by rebels during the 10 year long civil war which ended in 2002.

In 2006 a Danish surgeon and Sierra Leoneans living in the UK started the process of rehabilitation and developing a teaching hospital.

The team from Masanga UK have funded and built the Grace Emergency Admissions Unit which opened in 2013.

With our partners in Denmark, Holland and Norway, we are jointly running what we call the smallest project with the biggest vision. We desparately need your donations and support to help us deliver that vision which is set out below:

  • To create a respected and sustainable high quality 100 bed general hospital serving the people of the Tonkolili District of Sierra Leone, run and staffed by local people, funded by the government of Sierra Leone and supported by strong links with Medical Institutions in Europe.
  • To create self-funded education facilities to train healthcare professionals with skills in nursing and surgical techniques to address the severe shortage of healthcare expertise throughout Sierra Leone.
  • To build local businesses to serve the hospital and education facilities, creating local employment and contributing to the long term funding of the hospital.

We need your help to fund the hospital until the economy and people of Sierra Leone can sustain the hospital independently.

Thank you

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