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Providing children with greater access to books is only half the story.  We regularly request feedback from our partners to gauge the impact Pelican Post books have on reading and comments like those from our partners in Zambia suggests that the choice of books we are sending are indeed having a positive impact;

There has been a marked improvement in reading skills - besides they enjoy the stories that reflect African wildlife.

It’s one thing to capture a child’s imagination with a good book they can identify with but it’s another thing to harness that initial spark into encouraging a child to learn to read. As Louisa Moats once famously said, “Teaching IS Rocket Science.”

Pelican Post are seeking funding support to collate and conduct further research into measuring the impact of various teacher training tools, techniques and methods that are working at a grass roots level in partner schools throughout Africa.  We hope to use the findings of this research to share with our growing network of partnering schools with practical support and ensure that teachers are able to maximise the potential of teaching with books in the classroom.   We are also very keen to hear from teachers interested in getting involved, and in particular in any teachers with experience in developing teaching aids to accompany some of the books featured on the Pelican Post reading list.  

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