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Millions of young people across the world are waiting to lift themselves out of poverty. YCI helps disadvantaged young people build promising futures. YCI helps young people to develop skills, flourish, and take the first step in their career by opening the door to the world’s leading hotels.

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To date the programme has helped over 4,000 young people to improve their lives, 85% of whom have found work or returned to education.

Guillermo: “YCI helped me in so many ways, and I can say that I am a better person as a result.”


Even fewer young Mexicans are in formal work than before the 2007 economic crisis. With limited chances to pursue well paid and secure work, many young people have resigned themselves to informal work, and others fall victim to criminal gangs.

Guillermo was born and raised in Mexico City, and was a strong performer in his school studies, although shy and reserved. He had dreams of going to university, but sadly family circumstances meant that this wasn’t possible for Guillermo. Instead, he had no choice but to drop out of school to find work.

He wasn’t going to let this hold him back, and after searching for opportunities, he heard about YCI. He applied, and soon enough, his life as a YCI student began.

In six short months, Guillermo’s confidence blossomed, as he learned new skills so he could stand on his own two feet.Thanks to his ability and determination to succeed, Guillermo graduated.

Fast forward to the present day, and Guillermo works at a five star hotel in Mexico City, and he is happy. This is what he told us:

“At first I didn’t believe in myself, I was so shy. Now, I love building connections with people and can talk to anyone with confidence. I can see how much I’ve developed and I love being creative and thinking outside the box.”

“YCI helped me in so many ways, and I can say that I am a better person as a result.”

You can help young people like Guillermo build promising futures by donating to YCI.

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