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During the past fifteen years of visiting and helping people in need in Kosova there have been times we have said it just can't get any worse than this, well it has.

We first came across a family living just outside Pristina three years ago and at that time we were shocked by their living conditions and family circumstances. Over the years, from time to time, we have helped them with clothing, food and supplied them with wood for the winter but their actual living conditions have deteriorated even further and we can longer stand by waiting for a municipality or other organisation to help.


The Gidžic family are from a village called Preoce in the Municipality of Gracanica, Kosovo. Akija and Fadika have two daughters Melinda and Cassandra and two sons Agron and Faton.  Faton is married and has two small children.

Akija graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Pristina and worked as a history teacher in a town called Malisevo. Fifteen years ago Akija’s health deteriorated and he suffered a mental disorder resulting in him losing his job. In addition to impaired mental health, he also has a heart problem.  Akija’s wife Fadika has never been employed and suffers from high blood pressure. Akija and Fadika raised their four children as best they could and are classed as being among a large number of socially vulnerable families in Kosovo.

Up until the beginning of November 2015, because of their lack of resources and illness, the family had been living in two containers each measuring 12 sq metres which had been donated to them after the collapse of their family home eight years ago.  These containers had no running water, no bathroom or kitchen, the rain came through the roof and had no insulation resulting in the family being exposed to the changing seasons both very high and very low temperatures. The children have been constantly suffering from infections, colds, allergies and insect bites.

 The Kosova Support Group have undertaken to help the Gidzic family and recently purchased two used containers (used by NATO forces) which are insulated against the elements, and had them delivered to their plot of land, they are small but adequate for now. This however is only a temporary measure and it is the intention of the group to build a proper home for this family which will cost around £10,000. For now, the families immediate needs have been met and the job of fundraising has begun. We would hope to have the family into their new home before next winter.

 Your financial support, no matter how big or how small would make a huge difference to the life of this family who have no one else in the world to help them.


 email info@kosovasupportgroup.org

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