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It is estimated that there are now 20 million AIDS orphans, many of them in Sub-Saharan Africa and this number will continue to increase. This has resulted in the tragedy of bereaved and traumatised children, who may grow up alone, taking over adult roles and responsibilities whilst being flung into sudden poverty and insecurity, struggling to survive in impoverished communities. To support younger siblings, they may have to leave home and live on the streets, being forced to live by prostitution and crime. Our Charity aims to help communities and families to care for children in crisis, whether that be due to AIDS, abuse or conflict. We work in sub-Saharan Africa and our needs-led role is mainly as a catalyst, exchanging successful ideas and culturally and technologically appropriate methods, to enable families, communities, community based organisations, larger non-government organisations and governments to be more effective in enabling children’s holistic needs to be met within their family and communities. Our strategy is to visit, review and assess some of the best community development projects for orphans and vulnerable children in the initially four chosen countries of Lesotho, Swaziland, Kenya and Uganda, with the aim of disseminating effective ideas, and provide consultation and training where necessary, to other countries and communities to help more children. It also aims to make donor countries more aware of the needs of orphans and vulnerable children in Africa and how they can best be met. Additionally, we aim to fund income generating activities to promote families self- sufficiency in meeting children’s needs for the future.

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