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Nature Nurture in actionOur mission is to improve the life chances of disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people experiencing challenges at home, at school and in the community.

To achieve this, we have developed a project called Nature Nurture. Nature Nurture is the first early intervention programme in the UK that tackles vulnerability and promotes resilience by combining free play and nurturing interactions in natural environments.

Our approach defines resilience as ‘the mental, emotional and physical fortitude to recover from adversity and realise potential.’ Resilience is a key factor in breaking generational cycles of vulnerability and in building positive outcomes for adult life.

Nature Nurture runs programmes for groups of 10 children or young people, comprising 20 sessions where they can play, challenge themselves, socialise, explore and create freely with the attuned support of specially trained staff. 

We apply a strengths based approach to developing individual potential and we measure development using rigorous observation, recording and evaluation methods as showcased in the Go Play Outcomes Evaluation Framework.

Nature Nurture works in partnership with referring agencies (social care, education and health). We value and promote close working relationships with carers, parents and other family members.

Nature Nurture has a team of professionals, expert in understanding and nurturing vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people with a diverse range of needs.

The Nature Nurture approach is cutting edge, based on current research and recent studies in resilience, health, well being and related fields.

With sufficient funding the project can work with 120+ children and young people each year.

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