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The Global Events Industry has
adopted a slum community on
the edge of Kampala, Uganda…

Events for Namuwongo is an innovative partnership of people and companies who have come together to support this community by not only adopting them, but caring for this community to create real change for those who live there.

Working together as a team, Events for Namuwongo along with Hope for Children, local NGOs, supporters, the local university, local leaders and the wider community will come together and work in a united way to deliver the change needed by this community

Our Mission

Event industry leaders got together at the Global Event Summit in London, in September, and decided to work together to create an industry cause.

Events for Namuwongo has adopted Namuwongo, a slum community of approximately 20,000 people on the edge of Kampala in Uganda.

The community suffers from poverty, polluted water, lack of sanitation and education, and has been ravaged by AIDs and neighbouring wars. It is also a community of hard working, energetic people, striving to solve their own problems and improve their own lives.

Events for Namuwongo subscribes to a view that you can’t help everybody; therefore, you should help somebody properly, and we’ve decided to help Namuwongo until the people of the community can fully participate within Kampala’s economy.

Our plan is to work together as an industry, befriend Namuwongo long term, and provide support as its needs evolve.

Our Objectives

The group plans to raise £400,000 in 2012/2013 to achieve the following:

1. Free, clean water for the whole community

2. Free, sanitation and hygienic toilets for the whole community

3. Transforming health care for the entire community

4. The creation of a new school: ‘The Hope Academy’

5. Funds to educate 500 kids per year, rising to 1,500 long term

6. The provision for adult education services

7. Free sanitary products for girls in school

8. To create a long lasting and meaningful relationship with the community by visiting regularly

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