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Partnership For Children,26-27 Market Place
Kingston-upon -thames,Surrey


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Partnership for Children helps children to be mentally and emotionally healthy, just as sport and good food help them to be physically healthy.

We focus on young children, producing resources and training for their parents and teachers. We run Zippy’s Friends, one of the world’s most successful mental health promotion programmes, which has helped more than 1.5 million children in schools from Surrey to Sao Paolo. We have extra resources for children with learning disabilities, and we also produce Good Books for Tough Times, recommending storybooks to help children facing bereavement, bullying or family break-up.

In all our work, we help children to develop skills to deal with difficulties, so that they will be better able to cope with problems and crises as teenagers and adults. It’s great value for money - less than £2.00 for each child who completes our programmes - and while we’re big enough to be effective, we’re small enough for your support to make a real difference.

Please help us to promote good mental health for children - for life.

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