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The Children’s Literacy Charity, previously Springboard for Children, has been improving the life opportunities of disadvantaged children who are falling behind in the education system since 1992. We break the cycle of frustration and failure that has a detrimental effect on children’s life chances by closing their literacy gap, enabling them to reach their true potential.

The teaching model we use is a holistic, multi-sensory, phonics based programme that focuses on all aspects of literacy: reading, writing, comprehension, speaking and listening. Our approach was recently validated by the University of Sheffield which found our ‘Expert Programme’ “demonstrated effectiveness in significantly progressing the literacy skills of the most disadvantaged student groups in the country” and offered “a gold standard in provision.”

The need 

We support children who have fallen as much as two years behind in their education. The barriers to their learning include:

·         Lack of support at home and/or chaotic home lives

·         English as an additional language

·         Special educational needs such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or mild autism

·         Disrupted school attendance

Without our support the children we reach face uncertain and challenging futures. Thousands of disadvantaged children a year, even with the best support of their school, are at risk of being left severely behind. Last year, 44% of 11-year-olds from disadvantaged groups were unable to read well by the time they left primary school (DfE). The risk of allowing these children to reach adulthood without addressing this gap is high. Poor literacy means a person is more likely to be unemployed and have a low income; they are likely to have poor physical and mental health and to engage in harmful health behaviours; they are more likely to make poor life choices, for example, nearly half of all prisoners in the UK have low literacy levels.  


Our Expert Programme

We offer primary schools in deprived communities a permanent on-site specialist literacy lab, led by our skilled literacy tutors. Our ‘Expert Programme’ of high quality, tailored tuition enables children to learn essential literacy skills at their own pace.

Key to the children’s success is the one-to-one tuition and the supportive relationship they develop with their literacy tutor.

 In 2017-18, we supported 284 children through this programme; 97% of the children we helped closed their literacy gap significantly, gaining on average 2 years and 5 months in their reading age.

 We achieve this amazing improvement by providing each child with two, 45-minute, one-to-one literacy sessions per week with their tutor over the academic year.  We work closely with our 21 school partners and their Special Educational Needs Coordinators to identify the children most in need.  

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