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Birth Companions is a unique charity which supports vulnerable women during pregnancy, birth and early parenting. Birth Companions works with women facing a range of issues some examples include homelessness, mental health problems, a history of domestic violence or sexual abuse, trafficking, substance misuse and human rights violations.  

When most women get pregnant they know they will have the support of family and friends as they embark on the life changing and exciting journey of having a baby and becoming a mother. The women Birth Companions support are usually facing their pregnancies alone and in uncertain circumstances. This not only makes this a time that is lonely, and stressful, but can impact negatively on the heath of both mother and baby.

Birth Companions work in two women’s prisons as well as in the community offering women practical and emotional support. We can work with women individually and we also run groups and specialist  classes that allow them to access information in a non-judgemental environment and also develop a network of support. Most of this support is delivered by small but dedicated group of volunteers.

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