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CAREducation Trust helps to educate children around the world irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion or background.

One of the Eight UN Millennium Development Goals was to achieve Universal Primary School Education by 2015. Of the 70 million children who cannot go to school, at least half live in India and Africa in dire poverty. All that these children need to better their lot is a chance at a better life.

At CARE, we believe that education and vocational training can provide them with that one chance and open a whole new world of opportunities for them. It is their only escape from the cycle of illiteracy and poverty they are born into.

CARE was founded and is managed by professional volunteers who give their time freely without any remuneration, fees or even expenses. There are no travel or accommodation costs reimbursed, we are all in it of our own free will and pay for expenses on our own. We form partnerships with well-established local charities and communities who are also stakeholders in our projects.

At CARE, we do not believe in giving charity handouts, but in providing the tools to fight poverty. To us all children are special irrespective of race, colour, religion or creed. We are 100% committed to the children in our care for their total welfare including their health.

We understand that it is not enough to feed them for a day or clothe them for a month. They need to be taught a trade or skill so they can lead financially independent lives, as they grow older. We get involved with them, their families their lives and their problems at a grassroots level, to offer the best possible solutions to their individual problems.

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