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Our Journey So Far...

In July 2010 a group of colleagues got together because they wanted to do something to help others and, after much soul-searching, they decided to build a school in Africa, in the small Zambian town of Mpika.  In conjunction with several local Christian Fellowship members, they formed a charity called ‘Exilda’s Angels’ and through various fund-raising initiatives, they raised the necessary funds to build the school, which duly opened in October 2012.   Some 42 Grade 1 children are now being taught daily in the school by the permanent teachers.  Next year that number is likely to exceed 100 pupils.

These are children who, without this school, may never have received a proper education.  The distance to the existing schools and the onus put on parents to fund the children getting to the existing schools, means that many families cannot afford for their children to attend school.

The materials for the school were funded by the charity, as were the salaries for the local project manager and a few specialists, but the actual work to build the school was done by the local community, including the children, as the picture shows.

Because they were so involved in the building of the school, the local community are hugely committed to the school and to its future.  The local education authority has also been hugely supportive and is funding the salaries for the teaching staff.

Life expectancy in Zambia is between 45 to 50 years, and to help the Zambian people improve their own lives, it is important that children are educated at an early age and are given the opportunity to have a proper education, so they in turn can move into good jobs and further improve their society.

Having successfully built and opened one school, we are committed to help further the people of Zambia, but to do that we will need further funds.

Other than paying for a local project manager, or for any specialist building skills, we have few, if any overheads.  Any monies given will go directly and wholly to buying materials so that we can expand the school, so that older children can also attend.  We need to build houses for the teaching staff, as is the norm in Zambia, where teachers live on site.  The influx of children is placing an additional burden on the water being supplied by the village wells, and we are committed to providing additional drinking water.  We have already helped to build two additional wells in Mpika. 

We have a clear vision about what we want to do.  We are committed, passionate and enthusiastic and we can deliver!  We learned a number of important lessons during the process of building the school which will make it far easier to progress future projects.  We have also built up good relations with the local authorities.  Some of the trustees have visited the school and were made incredibly welcome by the whole village.

You only have to look at the faces of the children being taught in a classroom for the first time in their lives, to know that this is a worthwhile venture.

We have started to make a difference to a small community in Zambia.  We hope that our investment in time, energy and money, will lead to better educated young adults who can take up responsible positions in Zambia, and make an even bigger difference to the local community in the future.

In the UK, a small amount of money will not go far, but when it is translated into materials it will go a long way in Africa.

So join us today in making a difference to someone’s life.  A small donation on your part may put a smile on another child’s face in Zambia. 

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