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Breakfast Club, Zambia


Malimba Community School, Zambia

Malimba Community School is a rural school in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley. There is much poverty in this community and the children often go to school hungry, or miss school completely so they can look for food or because they are too hungry to walk, for some up to 5km, to school.

The idea of a sponsored feeding programme at Malimba Community School is as simple as it is effective – full bellies mean fuller classrooms and enhanced learning. The availability of one decent meal a day for these children will mean that attendance levels will soar – children will no longer need to miss classes to go out and search for food. The boost to daily nutritional levels that such a feeding programme would provide, means that the basic health of the children would improve dramatically, helping them to fight off malaria and other diseases and infections. Many of the children have been HIV positive since birth.

When asked what their hopes were for the future, these youngsters replied that they wanted to be doctors, nurses and teachers. The most striking thing was just how much hope they had. These are children with nothing - taught in barren classrooms with the most basic resources, in a country that is grindingly poor. 

The High Five Club aims to raise the funds to sponsor a “Breakfast Club” to feed all 408 pupils at Malimba Community School to provide a nutritious “porridge” cooked by volunteers from the community. Research has shown that this is most effective when served at the start of the school day. It costs just £8 a year to feed each child one meal of porridge every morning and will make a real difference to their quality of life.


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