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Glasgow Wheelchair Rugby Club is the home of our team the 'Caledonian Crushers', we are the only wheelchair rugby club in Scotland. We launched in October 2011 and have been slowly growing as a club since then.

Wheelchair Rugby is a sport that is open to anybody with a disability affecting at least 3 limbs and is a full contact team game played in specially designed wheelchairs. For most of our players it means a chance to play a competitive, high adrenaline sport which they may not have had the chance to do since accident or illness has left them with a disability.

Wheelchair Rugby can be an expensive sport to get started and our club wants to help anyone in Scotland play wheelchair rugby, regardless of their financial status. The costs of a rugby wheelchair, along with spare parts and repairs throughout the season, run into the thousands. As our players have to travel all across the UK for matches, we have much higher travel costs than your average sports club. We also have to fund a care team to go with us when we travel otherwise our least able players may not be able to participate in competition events. 

We are always looking for people who can help to raise funds for the club to help us purchase new equipment and support our players to travel to competition events.

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