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Link House,2C New Mart Road
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Who Are you?

LintelTrust has been an unendowed charitable trust working with voluntary organisations and local communities throughout Scotland for almost 40 years. We joined the Link group of companies and became a SCIO in 2016 in order to modernise and continue our grant giving activities.

What do you do?

We are a small charity that exists to help out small, grassroots projects that make a big difference in their communities.

We raise money and award grants to support local community projects in the heart of the Scottish communities that need it the most.

We are currently raising money for our 'Alleviating Loneliness in Older People' fund. This is a growing problem for a large number of people who are completely socially isolated for a variety of reasons but there are some fantastic projects out there doing great work. We need more money to help fund them so we are asking you to help. Click here to see where we have helped recently.

Visit our website to find out what we are currently involved in and our upcoming events.

How do you do it?

We rely soley on donations from individuals, business partners and fundraising events to enable our grant giving activity. We also a fund management service to our partners.

Every single donation we receive makes a difference so please give generously!

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