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Everythings 13

Everythings 13

Who we are


Who we are:

We’re a UK registered educational and humanitarian charity.

Our educational program aims to demystify, inspire and uplift, using the wisdom and actions of the Sikh Gurus. We hope the wisdom of the Sikh Gurus will inspire Sikhs and those of other faiths to live better lives. 


Our Name:

13 has special significance in Sikh philosophy. In Punjabi, it is pronounced as “Tera” which sounds the same as “Yours”. The Gurus and renowned Saints used “Yours” to refer to the Supreme Creator. Everythings 13 therefore means   “Sabh Kich Tera”, which translates into English as “Everything is yours God” 


Our Projects:

Basics of Sikhi is our most prominent project, which teaches Sikhi to Sikhs and Non-Sikhs across the world, ie; Parchar for the Panth.   We have full time parcharaks teaching Sikhi in Schools, Colleges, Universities, Gurdwaras and Workplaces across the UK and Globally.   We are a YouTube channel with nearly 100,000 subscribers and over 1,800 videos which have received 20+ million views.  We also produce innovative leaflets about Sikhi, making Sikhi accessible in all major languages.



Basics of Sikhi Academy was established in 2015 to train the next generation of Sikh Educators (Parcharaks). The academy offers a 6-month Parcharak Training Course for those who want to dedicate their life to spreading the message of Sikhi. The course is based in the West Midlands, is free of charge and covers topics such as Sikh History, Sikh Philosophy, researching and speaking skills. We have a full time teacher and use our current active Parcharaks to teach Sikhi at an intermediate level in a comfortable learning environment for both men and women


The Sikh Press Association is a media facing project providing publicity for the Panth. The project runs positive PR campaigns to raise the profile of Sikhs in the mainstream, supports Sikh Organisations in getting publicity for their events, provides the press with a trusted website that is a source of information on Sikh events and spokespersons on the Sikh Issues, provides media training for Sikhs and Sikh Organisations on how to engage with local and national press and provides mentoring for Sikhs looking to go into the press as a career.



Mighty Khalsa is sikh kids orientated educational books, games and apps, which provide the learning tools for the future of the Panth. We also produce kids orientated videos, available on our YouTube channel, with sikhi nursery rhymes, Gurus’ history, Q&A’s and talks. 



Kiddie Sangat is a sikh toddler and parent playgroup, and sikhi crafts website. The website contains fun resources, crafts & activities ideas for playgroups, Sikhi classes and home.  



Where your money goes:

We don’t charge for parchar and our work is supported purely by sangat donations.  

Your continued support is vital for us to continue with our work, and will also help in achieving our future goals to:


  •  Train and hire more parcharaks and reach more people around the world to share the message of Sikhi.
  • produce more free resources, leaflets & posters in multiple languages for the general public, organisations, religious and educational institutions.
  • run more campaigns that provide publicity for the Panth in the mainstream media, promoting positive Sikh activity globally.
  • make a vast range of kids orientated sikhi books, games, apps, activities and resources available.
  • scale up our operations team to match the demands of the projects (ie; video editors, IT support and development, etc.
  • support new initiatives promoting further positive change for the Panth, uniting the Panth and arming the Panth with the tools to increase and spread further awareness to the rest of the world.


Just imagine the change...and it only requires the support of the sangat..

So BE part of this change,  BE one of those people.

Join us by clicking the “Make a monthly donation” button on the right.  


Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki Fateh

Basics of Sikhi Academy

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