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The Lido Centre,63 Mattock Lane
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Uganda Development Services (UDS) provides information and skills training for people of all ages in rural Uganda. Our work focuses around our Development Centre in Kamuli where we provide

  • A library and study area with text books, newspapers and other online resources giving access to students as a study area until 9 pm at night.  
  • Internet access and I.T. training enabling people to gain skills to improve their job prospects and help them with their studies.                      
  • Training in agricultural techniques and sustainability giving subsistence farmers the opportunity to improve their incomes
  • Skills for building household technologies such as smokeless ovens and water tanks -  with improved health and  less time spent in water and wood collection, people can improve productivity and their income. 

You may have been sent to this page directly from the UDS Uganda Website.  Donations will be sent directly to projects via the UK.  

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