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Young People and Children First is a charity thats houses young[b] care leavers and other young homeless people aged 16-25.[/b] We help each young person to get back into education or employment and help them move on to independant living as soon as is right for them. Many of these young people have been failed by the system - we make a differnece to their lives by giving them a chance to achieve there goals, aims and to fufil their aspirations. 

Our Mission

We support foster care leavers and other young homeless young people as they transition from being teenagers to being independant adults. We ensure they have all the right building blocks in place to go confidently and positively into adult life so they can reach their potential, not hindered by their troubled start. Above all, we prevent disadvantaged children and young people being homless.

Our Commitments

  • To make a difference to the young disadvantaged children and young adults in West Berkshire.
  •  To prevent Young Care Leavers being homeless and living on the streets.
  •  To establish a development programme tailored for each unique young person, which will give them the building blocks they need so they can move onto independent living as soon as is possible and right for them.
  • To provide not just practical support but emotional and psychological support.
  • To bridge that critical gap between Foster Care and independent living so young people can move positively and uninhibited into adulthood and fulfil their aspirations.
  • To treat each young person as a unique individual.

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