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The Kent Autistic Family Support service is a free service providing confidential support, a listening ear, reliable information, practical advice, intervention and emotional support, to families and individuals affected by autism across Kent and Medway. 

Many families struggle when a diagnosis is received, they often search frantically to find information and support in their local area. They search for answers to the challenges that the paperwork throws up and the challenges presented by autism in general.  Currently we are the only provision of its kind in these areas offering both support, advice and a helping hand to families with nowhere else to turn. Supporting over 5,000 people in our community and further afield each year.

The service offers telephone, email and face to face contact, training and awareness raising for parents, carers and professionals, the issue of ‘autism awareness cards’ for autistic children and adults in association with Kent Police, support and discussion with parents/carers of children and adults who are awaiting assessment for a possible diagnosis. Discussions and help obtaining diagnosis and assistance completing documentation. Also providing help with appeals for benefits, support and representation for parents and carers who want to appeal against educational decisions through the SEN Tribunal system, discussion of behaviour strategies and help with completing application forms for benefits (Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment and Employment Support Allowance).

In addition we will provide support groups for families, children and adults, to develop a community network to help each other through difficult times; build friendships and have the opportunity to discuss the individual challenges they face, with people who understand and share the same difficulties. We will also provide social skills groups for people with autism, which aim to help with extended communication, eye contact and listening skills.

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