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Motorcycle Outreach (MoR) is a registered charitable (non-profit) organisation which works to introduce effective healthcare delivery in remote areas of developing countries. We currently support the Health for All (HfA) project on the island of Flores in Indonesia.

Effective healthcare in rural areas depends on transport. Those living in outlying villages have no means of accessing health centres, and healthcare workers have no other vehicles which can access those villages. This can result in local people using "witch doctors", local untrained medical practitioners who do not have the skills or knowledge necessary to give effective medical care.

Vehicles used for this purpose need to be systematically maintained and managed. Motorcycle Outreach assists governmental and non-governmental organisations in this.

Motorcycles are used because they are the only practical form of transport in an area where roads are no more than tracks, often in very bad condition; 4-wheel vehicles  find it impossible to use these routes, and the distances involved make it impractical for healthcare workers to get to outlying villages on foot, or in time to deal with genuine emergencies (eg during childbirth).

Therefore HfA extends the effectiveness of existing health resources already provided through the national healthcare system of Indonesia; local doctors, midwives, nurses and healthcare workers are trained to ride the motorcycles and HfA implements a program of Transport Resource Management (TRM) specifically to provide "zero breakdown" motorcycles for rural health deliveries. This includes vaccines for children, maternal and child health care, tuberculosis, malaria and STD-HIV/AIDS treatment.

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